MLK Weekend

Northstar, Alpine, Squaw, Heavenly
January 17 - 20, 2014 (Closed)


For SAGA North's brand new "Martin Luther King Three-Day Weekend", you get to pick whichever Tahoe resort you want to go to! The house is within a short distance of several popular downhill resorts around Lake Tahoe. While many SAGA North members prefer to avoid the crowds during the holiday weekends, this package is designed for you if you cannot get the days off to go on other weekends.

We will be staying at the SAGA North house in the Tahoe Vista area of Kings Beach.

Your SAGA North weekend package includes:

  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night accommodation at the SAGA North House
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Monday home-cooked breakfasts
  • Saturday and Sunday night dinner parties
  • outdoor hot-tub at the house

The usual package is economy class at $205 per person for a place in one of the two bunk rooms, with up to four persons in each room.

There is also a room with a king bed and a room with a double. The double room will be used for single occupancy. The king room can be used for a single occupancy, or two friends may sign up on the same day to share the king bed. If someone signs up to share the king bed without a roommate, he may be switched to a bunk bed or replaced. A single occupancy package is $255. If two persons share a king bed, the price is $205 each.

There is a two-night option from Friday to Sunday. This includes only one dinner, and two breakfasts. The two-night option is only available with the bunk beds.

The lodging packages do not include lift tickets, but you will be able to purchase all-day lift tickets for $90 to $95 on this website or from the trip leader. SAGA North gets a group discount and you don't have to wait in line! Unused tickets can be used any time during the same season.

Transportation to the house and resorts is by carpooling, with the cost shared by the driver and riders. There is limited space to park at the house, and almost no option to park elsewhere. On-street parking is illegal during the winter. We prefer to have at least two people per car, whenever possible. The trip leader may determine the method for organizing the carpooling. If you don't hear otherwise, you can send a message through our members Yahoo! Group asking for a ride or riders, or reply privately to messages from other participants. Usually, trip leaders do not assign riders to drivers. Once you have made carpool arrangements, please let the trip leader know what your plans are so we can be sure we have enough parking space, and everyone has a ride.

You need to become a member of SAGA North to go on this trip, which is only $30 per person for 12 months, October to September. You can buy your membership at the same time you sign up for this trip.

You can e-mail the trip leader by clicking on the "Email the Event Leader" button below.

To room with someone or request a specific bed in your price category, please e-mail the event leader to make prior arrangements. We cannot guarantee that all special requests can be accommodated but we will do our best. The distribution of rooms and beds is described in detail on the house page.





Price (members): $205 CLOSED
Price (guests): Please become a member
Please reserve by: 01/10/2014
Closed after: 01/16/2014
Package Options: Lodging Choices
Dates: January 17 - 20, 2014

What's Included

Transportation: car pools
Food: 2 dinners; 3 hot breakfasts
Lodging: three nights in house

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