Holiday Party Report

Sunday, December 2, 2012

We had a great turnout for the annual Saga North Holiday Dinner, with about lively crowd of 30 participating — one of the largest in recent years. It was a mix, ranging from new members (very new — one joined up at the party) to some that have been in the club about 20 years. A big thanks to Andy and Thib for organizing the party.

After the main course of dinner, the entertainment highlight of the evening was the raffle and drawings. In addition, a surprise, some extra items were auctioned off.

The winner of the raffle for the weekend Tahoe trip was Saga North VP Fred Schein. Just to be sure it was fair, the winning ticket was drawn by our waiter. Tickets for this raffle were sold at the Saga North booth at the Castro Street Fair, the October Social, and of course at the Holiday Party itself.

Then Thib auctioned five of our lighted decorations: two table-top multi-color glowing snowmen (one appears in this photo), a spinning table-top christmas-tree, a large pink flamingo (suitable for a gay christmas lawn decoration) and an snowman lawn decoration. The winning bids were between $25 and $40.

Finally, we had the drawings. The first three prizes were useful contaptions for carrying skis that Andy made out of our Saga North arm bands and a strap. (There were hints that those could have other uses as well.) The next prize was a t-shirt with the Saga North logo. Then there were two winners of the glowing "candle" centerpieces.



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