Map of SAGA North Events

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See the list of events below the map, and the driving directions below that.

The driving directions will take you to the departure location for group transportation (if any), or the lodging (for overnight events). The markers on the map show the actual location of the activities, for example the summit at a ski resort.

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Winter 2008-2009 Season

 10/01/08 Board Meeting

 10/05/08 SAGA North Booth at the Castro St. Fair

 10/11/08 October Party

 11/14/08 Warren Miller Movie Children of Winter

 11/15/08 November Kick-off Social

 12/06/08 Board Meeting

 12/11/08 Holiday Party

 01/03/09 Sierra One-day Bus Trip

 01/06/09 Board Meeting

 01/10/09 Utah 5-day Trip

 02/14/09 Sierra One-day Bus Trip

 02/20/09 Sugar Bowl Weekend

 02/23/09 Telluride Gay Ski Week

 02/27/09 Any-Resort Weekend

 03/03/09 Board Meeting

 03/06/09 Alpine Meadows Weekend

 03/13/09 Squaw Valley Weekend

 03/20/09 Northstar Weekend

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