Sierra One-day Bus Trip

February 14, 2009 (Closed)


Dave K. is organizing a few SAGA members to go on the Adult Ski Bus to Sierra-at-Tahoe on Saturday, February 14 (destination was changed from Sugar Bowl by the bus company). This is an informal trip — sign up with the Ski Bus and meet the other SAGA Members at the pickup point in Walnut Creek. Just get on the bus and leave the rest to the bus company. The price includes transportation, a lift ticket, light breakfast snacks, a movie on return, and, of course, a day of skiing with your snow friends.

When you sign up with the bus company, please email the trip leader so he can look for you when you wait for the bus.



Please sign up for the Adult Ski Bus to Sierra-at-Tahoe on Saturday, February 14.

Let the trip leader know you are going by emailing (address has expired).

On Saturday, February 14, go to to the Walnut Creek Bart station. Park in the parking lot in the north west corner, north of the parking structure and wait for the Adult bus to Sierra-at-Tahoe. The pickup time should be given to you when you sign up, but expect it to be around 5 - 5:30 am.

The bus will stop near Sacramento on the return, for a chance to get something to eat. The bus has room to pack your skis, a bathroom, and comfortable seats.

If you count your car mileage worth anything, this is cheaper than going yourself. You can sleep on the way, avoid making a mess of your car, and not fuss with tire chains.





Price: Don't pay SAGA North, but see costs below CLOSED (non-members welcome)
Please reserve by: 02/10/2009
Closed after: 02/11/2009
Bus and lift ticket: $105
Date: February 14, 2009

What's Included

Transportation: bus from Walnut Creek to resort
Lift Tickets: 1 day at Sierra-at-Tahoe

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