Holiday Party Report

Thursday, December 13, 2007

by Roger Silver

It all came together on Thursday night at Schroeder's German Restaurant. Stan Wolf and Dennis Nix felt that as much as we liked Neptune's on Fisherman's Wharf, it was time for a new venue. They found Schroeder's, and they made history: Dennis deserves our plaudits for the boundless energy he contributed in planning the event. It's up there with that evening in the '70's when "everyone who was anyone" attended Truman Capote's party of the century at the Plaza in NYC.

Everybody seemed so glad to see each other. We heard hilarious stories of mountain revelry, bittersweet tales concerning misadventures on cruise ships, discussed our aches and pains of aging, feted each other with holiday salutations ... and all of this carrying on was accompanied by an amazing feast of German delectables like earthy sausages, barbecued ribs, unique potato pancakes, tangy sauerkraut, intoxicating libations, and pumpernickel and rye bread from New York.

Then there was the oompah band music which created Oktoberfest in December in San Francisco. With the band directly on the other side of the wall, we were subjected to much more "oomp" than "ahhh", but it served well to put us into the German-style Holiday spirit.

Dennis treated us not to one but to two rousing standup speeches — complete with tap dancing that erupted out of his amazing enthusiasm. His finale was a back flip from the chair he was standing on, although I have been told that the good Lowenbrau I was drinking perhaps enhanced my notion of his performance.

Lots of new people showed up; many came at the last minute. The room was bursting at the seams, which increased the level of conviviality. We left heady with camaraderie and sweet thoughts of Northstar, Aspen, Utah powder, and Val Gardena.

photos by Marty Hogan


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