Bay Trail Bike Ride Report

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Out of 11 bikers who expressed interest, we ended up with 6 casual bikers for our ride. One little snafu — the four coming from the City were delayed by traffic backed up from an accident on 101, so we started out a few minutes behind schedule. Other than that, it was perfect weather for a bike ride along the bay — low 70's and there was only a mild breeze when we started out. Of course, as it typically does, the wind picked up after a while, but that was ok, it didn't reach full force until we were ready to turn around and had the wind mostly on our backs.

We took a casual 11 average mph pace over the whole 30 mile route (not including stops). There was a short rest stop halfway on the outgoing leg, with a nice view of the San Mateo/Richmond bridge along the shore of Foster City, and a longer stop at the turn around point just south of SFO where we watched the jets land. The kite boarders weren't out in the bay while we were riding out, but there were a few starting out during our return ride when the tide was rising. With the wind at our backs, we sailed back without any rest stops, except for a pit stop near the end. Most of the riders took the one-mile gravel path option on the return.

It was a very satisfying outing, although most of the riders were plenty tired by the end of the ride.


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