SF Pride Saga Booth

June 24, 2007 (Closed)

The one, the only San Francisco Pride ParadeTM and Celebration. Not to be missed. The original gay mega-parade.

By tradition, the Parade will be down Market Street, starting at 10:30 AM. The Celebration follows in the Civic Center area, noon to 5:00 PM. And by SAGA tradition, we’ll have a booth where we sell our 'wares' (or at least tell people about the club).

Following the Parade will be hours of browsing booths, rousing entertainment, and of course, checking out the 'sights' (read: other revelers).

"SF Pride" and "San Francisco Pride Parade" are trademarks registered to SFLGBTPCC, which is not associated with SAGA North.

Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Please visit our SAGA North booth! We'd love to see you and chat. It will be located on the north side of Mcallister St. between Hyde and Larkin. There should be serveral other sport/recreation groups in the same vicinity.



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