LGBT Film Festival

June 24, 2006

This Pride weekend, the night before the Parade, SAGA is having its second annual night at the LGBT Film Festival.

Saturday, June 24, we're going to see Bam Bam and Celeste at the Castro Theatre. Show time is 8:30 PM. This moving stars the irrepressible gay icon Margaret Cho, in "the ultimate faghag buddy movie". Billed as "completely retro-modern fabulous", the flick has a "zany harebrained scheme", a hair salon, a "lesbian Lone Ranger" (oh, and Kathy Najimy as a "kooky psychotic"). Gay enough for you? (Total running time about 85 minutes).






We'll meet before, about 6:00 PM at Fuzio, 469 Castro Street (same block as the theatre) for a bite to eat.





$10 -- The event  leader will buy tickets ahead of time.  Pay him for your ticket.  Everyone is on their own for dinner.


RSVPs are needed for this event as the event leader is buying tickets ahead of time.




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